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Weiss works, miracles indeed!

I don’t know what got into me but a few weeks ago I picked up books by Dr. Brian Weiss. A spate of weird dreams and chance suggestions from acquaintainces regarding “there are no coincidences” drew me to his books. Now, spoiler alert: the abiding message in all his books – which basically deal with past-life regressions and progressions and how these techniques help with healing – is love, forgiveness, belief in karmic accounts and as such reincarnation, etc. The message is beautiful. The stories are heart-rending. Each one better then the one before.

These are real case stories with real subjects who recount their experiences with hypnotism, past life regressions and progressions and discover a link to their present life, the issues they are facing here regarding their personality, relationships, health, etc. According to Dr. Weiss, some of the stories have even been factually validated in history books. It is truly amazing and I felt liberated really, almost overcome with a sense of awe and natural justice at times. Karma is indeed a beautiful concept.

But, as with my present life, I am naturally predisposed to think critically. And, when that happened, I had a few questions. Why do all the stories coming from the subjects only highlight their victimhood, or to use a more neutral and less judgemental term, only focused on their problems caused by x, y, or z; even if x, y, and z are natural calamities. I have not yet read a single account of someone who was in some past life the perpetrator of a certain crime, atrocity, etc. Someone may offer the explanation, “such people wouldn’t probably be reincarnated” (at least not in human forms). But then, you do have victims saying their abuser in an earlier life is now in their present life in a such and such role. So, of course they reincarnated.

So, in the end, it just made me wonder if our souls have selective retention bias. 🙂 I have a lot of respect for Dr weiss’ work since it looks like he has a huge fan following and his work has helped so many people in so many ways. I just hope I am not being a cynic and if I am, I hope that by the time I reincarnate it will be gone!