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How many women would dare to say this?

Very good Havells. Now find a better way to sell your appliances to women. Know why? Respect for women is not just about using your appliances to accomplish the work that traditionally falls to women’s lot. Men need to respect themselves. Every individual MUST know how to cook regardless of how often he/she needs to do it in life; In fact, every individual should take his own responsibility and work on being the least burden he can on others. That way, it would mean that you flush after use (women’s public toilets are dirty as hell, as far as I can say), you clean up after you eat, you fold your own clothes and pack your own bags, etc. And of course, cook your own food. Having said that, a division of labour in running a household is an amazing thing to carry forward but at the same time, watching TV while your wife cooks, lays out the table – just waiting for that invite when she has filled your plate and poured your glass of water, lounging around in the bed until late while your wife fills in for the domestic help who hasn’t turned up… that is shameful. What I find most ridiculous is when women claim to be the Goddess of their kitchens, men down them saying that world’s most famous chefs are men, while if you ask them to learn to cook, at least make a cup of tea, they say they cannot do it “because we’ve never learnt”. And the argument continues…

The Life and Times of an Indian Homemaker

How many women would dare to express their displeasure like this young woman did? Or even think about it? Why or why not?

Not many, I think. Because the idea of a young Indian woman (and that too a Prospective Bride!) forgetting her place and disagreeing (with anybody, but most specially with the Ladke Wale) is more horrifying for most, than the idea of women being seen as objects or appliances (whose sole purpose in life is to Get Married and ensure that the lives of their spouse and his family are made comfortable).

Also, because traditionally the young, specially young women, have less right to respect than everybody else. (Although they are expected to earn, live and die for it)

But I wonder if maybe the Prospective Mother in law and the Prospective Groom (with their sense of entitlement) are victims too. Maybe they have never really wondered if…

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