Hey Megha, Lose Your Boss, na…! – Silly Tanishq Ad

I don’t remember the Tata group coming up with great ads. And this one isn’t either. Analyse the confused messages here:

Let’s go over the sequence. The boss’ appreciation and compassion for a junior who had ‘been working late last night’… to the last minute advice – “Hey, Megha, lose those na…! Let’s have the client concentrate only on the presentation.” Which means, in the boss’ estimation, the earrings would distract the client from the presentation.

Megha begins taking them off, moping over a piece of jewellery rather than concentrating on a presentation she was to give; she finally decides to put them back on. I don’t understand what’s the deal here. Danglers can’t be any more distracting than a well-dressed guy in a suit. But for the boss lady (LADY, please note) the danglers seem to be as distracting as BO. I stand vindicated here as later when Megha enters the conference room, the guys don’t even look at her danglers.

When she enters the room, she gets into presentation mode but her boss seems much more interested in her junior’s defiance to removing the offending (distracting?) piece of jewellery.  In fact, so much so that instead of letting Megha concentrate on the presentation, she asks her why those earrings were still there… through gestures, of course. Talk about priorities! All this while, the client is busy staring at the screen in front of him.  

That’s when Megha assures her, “Don’t worry, the presentation looks even better than me”. That wins her boss over and it’s back to the presentation that everyone seems to admire. And all is well. Thank God Almighty the bosswoman can go back to work for a change!

Mia’s line is “As beautiful as your work”. Going by the ad, it seems to be aimed at working women who may want to wear jewelleryat work. [D-uh, which woman doesn’t want to wear jewellery! Let me rephrase that: what kind of an Indian woman wouldn’t want to wear jewellery! ] Of course, there is no guarantee that your woman boss, if you are unlucky indeed to have one, may find it too jangly-dangly-disturbing and may go so far as to not let you make presentations in it. God forbid! – next time she may find your clothes, your face, even YOU, all of YOU, too distracting.

Most ad campaigns hinge their success on how much more distracting they can portray their product as being: Man DEOs that make women drop everything they are doing (or wearing), Cars that distract men away from even the pretty looks of a platinum blond model (human female in skimpy clothes), Anushka Sharma’s Nivea enriched white underarms that distract her beau from keeping tabs on time, there are so many of these…

But, well, Mia, just blends in. Probably it’s in the design philosophy: it draws inspiration from cross-sections of fruits such as kiwis, lemons, oranges, etc (from its official website). Which is perhaps why the ad looks straight out of a fruit basket. Somewhere down the line the Marketing at Tanishq decided that they wanted to aim their product at the working woman who wants to wear jewellery that is not so loud as seen on Ekta Kapoor’s serials. Well, then, there’s some telling when a fellow woman and boss gets so bloody distracted by it. The client doesn’t. What happened to ‘The boss is always right’?

And of course, Megha is just a woman who wants to look as good as her presentation. After all, that’s what matters. So she mopes and drags till she finds the courage to go against her boss’ missive. And she wins the day for all of us who want to sport danglers at work. Yay!

Technically analysing the ad, you see that no product promotes itself by negating its own USP. Example: Samsung Galaxy ad where the old boss is shown as “outdated” when his phone doesn’t do the things his young junior’s phone does. The boss is out of step with times, and loses out on a key function while the trendy youngster with the smartphone trumps him. If Mia were this phone, the boss would have asked his junior to keep it aside since the phone is to “technologically advanced”.

With Mia, the boss lady is shown as having a very logical, professionally driven concern that many corporate houses do (which is why we have formal dressing), which she furthers to make her case against the jewellery. In her opinion, it’s too loud, too distracting. The Mia ad tries to prove that it’s not. That instead, it’s as beautiful as Megha’s work.

I just don’t buy it.


2 thoughts on “Hey Megha, Lose Your Boss, na…! – Silly Tanishq Ad

  1. I think this ad depicts the “as beautiful as you work” tag line pretty well… I think this is what a woman can go through and you seriosuly dont need to make a big deal out of it.. Three girls have been asked to change their footwear/jewellary/bags to not “draw attention”.. So its true… If u dont understand it… Dont comment on it..

    1. See the thing, Eva Sharma, is that when a person usually puts out an opinion, that person just puts out an opinion. It’s your opinion that I don’t understand it. You are entitled to it. And as useful as your advice to not comment on it is, I reject it. Because in my view, I understand the issue. Our understanding differs. You have the right to not comment either. For you to go right down to my lack of understanding it the way you have, points at a certain tendency to look down upon me or to shut me down. I can’t respect it.

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