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Vicky Donor… whatever

I finally caught up with Vicky Donor, much touted as a slick movie that showed Bollywood the way to talk about ‘ewey’ topics such as sperm donation… I hope other movie makers take the hint. Except, if they really should. I loved the Punju mother and the grandmother. Even Annu Kapoor is pretty exceptional. So is Ayushmann Khurana… Yami Gautam was much appreciated and rightly so, except for maybe the last 10 minutes.

Crying doesn’t seem to be her thing. Well, the few hitches I want to talk about: Ashima (Yami) finds out Vicky her hubby didn’t go for the fertility tests. This is used as the basis for Vicky to tell her that he used to be a sperm donor earlier and that he didn’t need them. It just made me think that a man, if he truly wanted to conceal the truth could have simply gone through it all. It wouldn’t have been much different from one of his ‘sperm donating’ episodes, would it?

But, he didn’t do so. That’s where I found the screenplay going weak.

Another point, simple irrationality on part of Ashima when she sees the 53 kids fathered by her husband. Yes, she can’t have her own. Yes, she’s allowed to be irrrational and sentimental and plainly all woman (I say this with the greatest respect) but she makes a vacuous comment: I can’t forget that one of these kids could have been mine!

Ugh, sister, no. None of these could have been yours ‘coz……. you can’t have kids! I know it sounds cold, but, whatever.

So yes, Vicky Donor started a conversation long overdue in our society. But, it does not manage to skirt the usual flaws… and in the end we have truckloads of sentimentality.

amazing, na!

All I’ll say is the Punju ambience is paisa vasool. The Bengali father’s rant, especially about ‘Bengali men about being good in bed’ in front of his sister and daughter… sort of looks out of context w.r.t the Indian family. Especially so because this is the family that believes itself to be of the highly intellectual bent of mind. Also, this rant is out of sync with the sensitivity he shows when the couple separates for a while.

uh. it’s passable. not worth taking lessons from. anecdotal way to talk about a serious issue. whatever!